Thursday, January 12, 2006

The swiftist...#33


Unfortantly i bring both good and bad tidings. The night that i returned to school, my dearest pet hamster Chewie passed away from cancer complications. She was a good little bear of a pet and i loved her.
On a better note i can disclose the christmas gifts that i made for my trio of best girl friends. I present the forty cozy... It keeps your forty from chilling you hand and your hand from warming your forty. I made three color options for the lettering. They say "fourtyounce" in script both rightside up and upside down. The photo does not do them justice. I adjusted the Winecozy from Knitty winter 04 by Jennifer Carter. I added my own hand designed text, which my dad helped me with. If you need to buy motocycle parts check him out here.

Also while i was away i finally got the yarn for the one button cardi. Nice. And we added two new members to our family. Two baby birds born and breed in our home. 1 demore female and a robusk male.

Jolly and Holly, respectively

Their feathers were comming in when i shot this. They look kind of like strange dinosaurs. I got a beloved demel tool for christmas which i glass etched a bottle for my spinning wheel oil with. Way cool.

I also got my hair cut. i dig it. so i need to know what everyone would knit if they had no boundries. I'm doing a research project... I need feedback.

So to you all: I wish you a fan-freakin-tastic new year. Stay strong. I wish you all steady hands...


Scoutj said...

I like the hair!

No boundaries? I know this doesn't sound too crazy but I'd move my family to some quaint little town in France or Switzerland. I love Europe so much and I just know that's where I'm really supposed to live.

G said...

Hey man, you totally forgot the fact that the forty warmer also prevents hand wetness from condensed water that results from cold forty.

And I would totally knit myself lace curtains out of some kind of dark mohair, not the prissy/crappy lace curtain found in Grandma's bathroom window that smell like spoiled eggs and stale cigarette smoke, but the elegant spiderwebby lace that could also be worn as a victorian wedding veil if you know what I mean...

Luv you!