Sunday, November 27, 2005

one button cardi

So i finished the front and back of the one button cardi. My problem is that i ran out of yarn. The yarn for the sleeves is in the mail but i'm not sure if i should move on to the ribbing instead. So help me help myself...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

You can't tell but i'm nuzzeling my face into the one button cardi
I promise as soon as i finish eating turky i will update you. Happy Tuesday and Thanksgiving.

My Thanks-giving list:
My family
Spinning Wheels
The Aspen
This list could go on and on...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday, *New Project*

If I were a hungry lime I would look like this...

I started a new project, the one button cardi from the second issue of knit.1. I'm not real big on these magazines but a woman i work with in the yarn store made this out of a multicolored alpaca Boucle. She hated working with it but i love the way it looks. The yarn was really cheap at Jo-Ann fabric. Now i know i should not settle but the yarn was perfect and $7.99 for 853 yards. That is enough for the whole project (I'm double stranding it) and i got 30% off because it was the last one of this color and was tangled. I am more that happy to untangle yarn if it means i end up spending about $5 for a whole project. Pushing back my Christmas gifts, i have about half of the back finished.

This week two of my portraits were put in the student art show. This is a cool thing. At the opening people kept pointing at me. My photography is racy at best, so i cause lots of turmoil. Fun. I also wanted slugs with week. I want to do a photo thing with slugs so i have to find big live slugs. I called a biological supply company, they want $7.95 for a three pack of live slugs. I was sure i could find slugs for free. I called the botanical garden in our area hoping that they would have some slugs around. They didn't but one if the grounds keepers has a slug problem at his house. I called this man about catching me some slugs. He's working on it. That was, in the least, a very strange call to make.

There is a really cool southeast Asian mask exhibit in the library that i took pictures of... As for that interview last week, I'm in the program. Now i just have to send them an ass load of paperwork and then they will find me a job. Me teaching children. It's scary. Speaking of children, my cousin's baby's mama just popped out a chillin'. Congrads on that.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

Pearls are hot...!!! I had a job interview this morning

Yes i had a job interview this morning with a recruting agency for charter school teachers. How scary is the thought of me teaching the future leaders of the world. Holy crap. I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to talk lately, anatomy has a grip on me. I have done little knitting, but i'm now getting back into the grove of it.

The fantastic wooly stripes neck warmer with skull button details
I adapted this pattern fromVogue knitting knit.1 issue one. The pattern is "Ribbed Collar", and i think it is much hotter than the one in the mag.

I also finished another sweater for Red Sweaters.Org. I'm not really happy with it but i don't have to be... I also completed my first exciting christmas knitting project. Because i do not have the time to knit all of my relatives sweaters, i am knitting them tiny interpertations of the sweaters i would knit them if i had the time. The first one is the sailor sweater for my grandfather. It is too freakin' cute...

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