Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Two FO's in one post

Well 1 and 1/2 FO's. The lace for the skirt is complete, but unblocked. It is a whole lot of lace, I tell you what. It ended up taking one whole ball, and a tiny bit of a second ball of rowan kidsilk night. I have yet to find a pair of pants i feel is suitible, but when i do you will be the first to know. Here it is, a whole bunch of lace...

Second on the FO list is this Purple Crush sweater from Cozy Knits for Cuddly Babies. I used Encore worsted and Marble DK (i know mixing weights is sacrilige) instead of the yarn it called for. It is much bigger than i exspected, but whatever the kid and grow into it. Here it is for you, the Purple Crush...

So yesterday i got a huge suprise in the mail. Nickerjac sent me a package. And it had yarn in it. Beautiful purple yarns that match. One is a little boucle that is a brown and two shades of purple. The other is a thick and thin with lots of suff in it, like cloth and eyelash. I have no idea what to make with them. Suggestions??? Thank you so much Nic!!!

It was a warm day today, so instead of knitting (i know i'm bad) I laid in the sun. It was amazing. This weekend i will be making the long trip back to wear i came from. I will return in about a week. Hopefully in the expanse of free time i will have i can finish something else.

I leave you with this from the cage fighter.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oh Gringa

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Gringa!

  1. If a snake is born with two heads, the heads will fight over who gets Gringa.
  2. Marie Antoinette never said 'let them eat cake' - this is a mistranslation of 'let them eat Gringa'.
  3. Every day in the UK, four people die putting Gringa on.
  4. It takes 17 muscles to smile, and 43 to frown at Gringa.
  5. Gringa is 1500 years older than the pyramids.
  6. In Japan it is considered rude to talk with Gringa in your mouth.
  7. Gringa is the sacred animal of Thailand.
  8. The Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter is made entirely of Gringa!
  9. Gringa can fly at an average speed of fifteen kilometres an hour!
  10. Gringa is the only bird that can swim but not fly!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I know, I suck

i am a horrible bad poster i know. No excuses but i'm sick, and have been major busy. Happy Valentines Day to you all. I have to get back in bed now.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Fiber Friendly Environment

This has been a long week. Not for any particular reason but i have been tired the whole time. Yet i did finish the second small lace piece for the skirt, and finished the dyeing for the still unnamed project. I think i may call it the puppy project since it has been a year of working on it. When i talk about it i say i made a commitment close to buying a puppy... I have been reading a lot about communes as of late. I feel like there should be a textile/fiber commune, where everyone tends the wool bearing animals, help out with lambing and such, spin and weave and do it all. We could live off our land and support the yarn/fiber industry as well as having a place to live with like minded people. We could have festivals and teach classes. We could have a big garden and make our own soap. We could raise our children in a fiber friendly environment. We could hold retreats. Now all we need is a land grant and a cool name. And some money.

Let me digress, as of late i have been craving a community of my own. While i work at a yarn store with like minded people, i am the only person my age around with a few exceptions. With this in mind i turned to the online community. While it is dear to my heart i still long for a circle of people like myself. Where do these 20something yarn freaks hang out, i ask you.

Anyway, the Rising Meadow Farm annual shearing day is on the 18th of February. I am excited because Kevin Ford the master blade shearer will be there. This guy uses the old fashioned blades, and he is quick. He can naked two sheep in the time someone does one on the electric ones. It is always a good time. They have lunch and a skirting party.

I have been listening to podcasts all week. I nice new one that has come out is Cast On. She is a woman living in Wales who talks about lots of things knit related. Plus she includes music in the cast. Her shows tend to be long, close to an hour. Fiber cast is way cool. They discuss all things fiber. I love these podcasts. Sometimes i want to knit but not watch TV while I'm doing it. This gives me something to listen to and think about while I'm working. I like it. Last but not least is Secret Knitting. This one is great because she gives you a pattern in the cast without a photo. That's why it's secret. I really like this one, it's fun.

anyway, I'm so tired. I will try to be better this week about posting, with pics too.

Let me feel the love

I am serious about the commune thing...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lost knitting=stolen heart

I have been frantic for days because i misplaced my purse. I was frantic because my knitting was inside, oh and my checkbook (not that that is important). Right before I wrote this entry I located it and retreved it. The knitting is intact. But which article of knitting is it? My newest project the "Jeans Skirt with knitted ruffle" from the fall/winter 2005 issue of knit.1. Since that name sucks i will call it: The (k)night sky ruffle skirt. That is because i'm knitting it in kidsilk haze night. i'm glad to have it back. I have been busy the last two days. Yesterday i dyed two pots of the mulbery for the yet to be unnamed cardi. I purchased 3.3 pounds of fleece from a horit named Porsha last march. My goal is to process the wool completely myself and then knit it into the unnamed cardi. I would like suggestions for the name and if i like your suggestion i will pass on some goodness. The colors of the wool are a bright grass green, mulberry, a dying grass green-brown, and a brown called "mummy brown" which is a brown-red. Help me name my masterpiece!!! Unfortanly i have to dye each color in four lots since my pot is not big enough to dye it all at the same time. Today i dyed ALL FOUR of the green-brown pots. I am the master, but my batheroom has turned into the drying center. I also took some kicking pics of mushrooms and kale, vegies from the local campus organic co-op that my roommate works with. I might do the photos for their website.

I bought a great hat from the Carolina Thrift. It's a monkey hat and now i have to make others from the design as different animals.

Oh and just for strange little mama, my list of seven songs that i'm really into right now:

  1. Andy, You're a star-The Killers
  2. Hey Mister-Custom
  3. Volcano-Damien Rice
  4. Digital Bath-Deftones
  5. Carry Me, Carrie-Dr. Hook
  6. All the Young Dudes-Mott the Hopple
  7. Wetsuit-Veruca Salt

Consider yourself tagged

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The swiftist...#33


Unfortantly i bring both good and bad tidings. The night that i returned to school, my dearest pet hamster Chewie passed away from cancer complications. She was a good little bear of a pet and i loved her.
On a better note i can disclose the christmas gifts that i made for my trio of best girl friends. I present the forty cozy... It keeps your forty from chilling you hand and your hand from warming your forty. I made three color options for the lettering. They say "fourtyounce" in script both rightside up and upside down. The photo does not do them justice. I adjusted the Winecozy from Knitty winter 04 by Jennifer Carter. I added my own hand designed text, which my dad helped me with. If you need to buy motocycle parts check him out here.

Also while i was away i finally got the yarn for the one button cardi. Nice. And we added two new members to our family. Two baby birds born and breed in our home. 1 demore female and a robusk male.

Jolly and Holly, respectively

Their feathers were comming in when i shot this. They look kind of like strange dinosaurs. I got a beloved demel tool for christmas which i glass etched a bottle for my spinning wheel oil with. Way cool.

I also got my hair cut. i dig it. so i need to know what everyone would knit if they had no boundries. I'm doing a research project... I need feedback.

So to you all: I wish you a fan-freakin-tastic new year. Stay strong. I wish you all steady hands...