Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lame ( not lame' ) blogger

I not blog this week. I did go home, and to the funeral of my cousin. This provided me with plenty of time to almost finish the front panels of the Central Park Hoodie. I am knitting both

cardi fronts at the same time on a circular needle. This means that if I follow the decreases correctly, which can be tricky doing both at the same time, when I am finished with one front panel I am finished with both panels. Fantastic, if I can manage to keep the yarn from twisting up and knotting on its self. Make a note: If you plan on doing this knitting both at the same time trick, save yourself

some trouble and breakdown and use two balls instead of one. I didn't think about that before I started. Anyway I hope I can finish the fronts this week.

Let me show you some pictures of the Sheep Farm while i'm here