Friday, January 27, 2006

Fiber Friendly Environment

This has been a long week. Not for any particular reason but i have been tired the whole time. Yet i did finish the second small lace piece for the skirt, and finished the dyeing for the still unnamed project. I think i may call it the puppy project since it has been a year of working on it. When i talk about it i say i made a commitment close to buying a puppy... I have been reading a lot about communes as of late. I feel like there should be a textile/fiber commune, where everyone tends the wool bearing animals, help out with lambing and such, spin and weave and do it all. We could live off our land and support the yarn/fiber industry as well as having a place to live with like minded people. We could have festivals and teach classes. We could have a big garden and make our own soap. We could raise our children in a fiber friendly environment. We could hold retreats. Now all we need is a land grant and a cool name. And some money.

Let me digress, as of late i have been craving a community of my own. While i work at a yarn store with like minded people, i am the only person my age around with a few exceptions. With this in mind i turned to the online community. While it is dear to my heart i still long for a circle of people like myself. Where do these 20something yarn freaks hang out, i ask you.

Anyway, the Rising Meadow Farm annual shearing day is on the 18th of February. I am excited because Kevin Ford the master blade shearer will be there. This guy uses the old fashioned blades, and he is quick. He can naked two sheep in the time someone does one on the electric ones. It is always a good time. They have lunch and a skirting party.

I have been listening to podcasts all week. I nice new one that has come out is Cast On. She is a woman living in Wales who talks about lots of things knit related. Plus she includes music in the cast. Her shows tend to be long, close to an hour. Fiber cast is way cool. They discuss all things fiber. I love these podcasts. Sometimes i want to knit but not watch TV while I'm doing it. This gives me something to listen to and think about while I'm working. I like it. Last but not least is Secret Knitting. This one is great because she gives you a pattern in the cast without a photo. That's why it's secret. I really like this one, it's fun.

anyway, I'm so tired. I will try to be better this week about posting, with pics too.

Let me feel the love

I am serious about the commune thing...


Nickerjac said...

A commune sounds good to me just let me know where and when

Scoutj said...

I don't know what I'd do without my online community. Fo reals.


did the heart thingy work up in here?