Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lame ( not lame' ) blogger

I not blog this week. I did go home, and to the funeral of my cousin. This provided me with plenty of time to almost finish the front panels of the Central Park Hoodie. I am knitting both

cardi fronts at the same time on a circular needle. This means that if I follow the decreases correctly, which can be tricky doing both at the same time, when I am finished with one front panel I am finished with both panels. Fantastic, if I can manage to keep the yarn from twisting up and knotting on its self. Make a note: If you plan on doing this knitting both at the same time trick, save yourself

some trouble and breakdown and use two balls instead of one. I didn't think about that before I started. Anyway I hope I can finish the fronts this week.

Let me show you some pictures of the Sheep Farm while i'm here

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Worst knitter on earth = ME

It has been over a year my friends and I'm a very bad blogger. What i mean is, "Hey how have you been"? If anyone read this it is very unlikely that you read my blog when i first started it, unless your Kate. So, um it's been a while and i have been busy.
If you look at my former posts you may recognize this sweater but in a purple colorway. That's right it's the Purple Crush sweater by Elanor Lynn from Cozy Knits for Cuddly Babies, and I heart it. This is my cousin Shania, and i knit this blue colorway for her last Christmas. She is two now so I'm thinking this year a ballet style wrap sweater, Maybe in some pink Mexican wave.

Here is a wrap i knit for a very close friend of mine who was in a awful car wreck. She loves purple so I combined lots of purple yarn for this striped, warm piece of comfort. So the picture is lame but it was a fantastic project.

I also did the felted Alpaca by Bev Galeskas. I made her out of gray Alpaca and a tan mohair. I wanted to teach a three session class on felted stuffed animals but i didn't get much response.
Maybe I am the only one who loves stuffed animals and would felt them all the time if it would pay the bills.

So i knit this super cute hat for my friend Matt because he gave me a queen sized mattress. I used the Fibonacci String to work the stripe sequence. If you are not familiar with The Fibonacci String you need to learn about it. Anyway I used Sky Tweed as the yarn and it worked up well.

As of late i knit the Sherwood sweater by Angela Hahn form for my friend Alanna's new daughter Sara. It's a little big for her right now but I think she will grow into it.
I really wanted to start rewriting in my blog because Ravelry got me all motivated. If you haven't signed up yet get on the list, makes my day.