Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lost knitting=stolen heart

I have been frantic for days because i misplaced my purse. I was frantic because my knitting was inside, oh and my checkbook (not that that is important). Right before I wrote this entry I located it and retreved it. The knitting is intact. But which article of knitting is it? My newest project the "Jeans Skirt with knitted ruffle" from the fall/winter 2005 issue of knit.1. Since that name sucks i will call it: The (k)night sky ruffle skirt. That is because i'm knitting it in kidsilk haze night. i'm glad to have it back. I have been busy the last two days. Yesterday i dyed two pots of the mulbery for the yet to be unnamed cardi. I purchased 3.3 pounds of fleece from a horit named Porsha last march. My goal is to process the wool completely myself and then knit it into the unnamed cardi. I would like suggestions for the name and if i like your suggestion i will pass on some goodness. The colors of the wool are a bright grass green, mulberry, a dying grass green-brown, and a brown called "mummy brown" which is a brown-red. Help me name my masterpiece!!! Unfortanly i have to dye each color in four lots since my pot is not big enough to dye it all at the same time. Today i dyed ALL FOUR of the green-brown pots. I am the master, but my batheroom has turned into the drying center. I also took some kicking pics of mushrooms and kale, vegies from the local campus organic co-op that my roommate works with. I might do the photos for their website.

I bought a great hat from the Carolina Thrift. It's a monkey hat and now i have to make others from the design as different animals.

Oh and just for strange little mama, my list of seven songs that i'm really into right now:

  1. Andy, You're a star-The Killers
  2. Hey Mister-Custom
  3. Volcano-Damien Rice
  4. Digital Bath-Deftones
  5. Carry Me, Carrie-Dr. Hook
  6. All the Young Dudes-Mott the Hopple
  7. Wetsuit-Veruca Salt

Consider yourself tagged


strangelittlemama said...

I love that Killers song, too. I have never heard of Custom.

G said...

Oh man, if only Keri would Carry you! (Fucking psycho)