Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sorbet Carnival Goodness...?

Let's recap, overall it was a pretty good weekend... Friday I was sick as all get up. I woke up at like 5am on friday with the outside of neck hurting. I prayed it wasn't strep. Just two short weeks ago I was sick for the first time... To busy, to soon. So after working my shift at the yarn store (For those of you not yet informed, I work in this fantastic yarn store in Greensboro NC that everyone should visit some time) I passed out for hours and hours. I would have slept the whole night but lo and behold someone called me and woke me up. Fun. Skip to Saturday. Saturday was the Tate Street Festival, which is a local shindig with vendors and live music. If that wasn't enough Saturday was the beginning of National Spinning and Weaving Week (which is this week) as well as the sidewalk sale in the area of the yarn store. G and I started at the yarn store. G is my best friend and has become a fantastic knitter as of late. I felt it was my duty to teach her to spin, but really she wanted to learn. We go to the yarn store a bunch of spinners and knitters are there... As is Elaine who taught me to spin before she moved to Arizona. She had recently broken her leg... Her toe cover is so cute...! I taught G how to use the drop spindle, She picked up on it right away making pretty, even yarn. A natural... I bought her some wool and then we headed off to the Festival. We ran around and saw lots of strange people, especially a woman with a dog she dresses up. (I seriously think people that do that dress up your pet all the time thing need to be in hospitals)

We came home and then kool aid dyed G's new white wool to black cherry and white. I bought some merino at the store to make socks, I kool aid dyed it and it looks like sorbet carnival goodness. Sunday was a nice lazy day. I took a nap in the sun while G complained about a article she had to read for a class about White Supremacy. Last night I finished knitting the front of the nemesis sweater (I have been working on this sweater for 2 years, it is covered in popcorn stitch and is tunic length. It hates me.) All is left is the sleeves and I have short arms. ok...

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kate said...

napping in the sun is the best...woot. enjoy Middlesex--it's awsome.