Monday, October 10, 2005

Bread Fairy Strikes Urban Neighborhood

Julie has my old job, she works at Simple Kneads, a fantastic bakery in Greensboro. I worked there over the summer and loved it, but when school started I gave my employment up to Julie, who is my good friend. Saturday afternoon I was lounging in the two person chair at cedar St. (this is a huge house where a large portion of my friends live, 9 of them to be exact) when Julie bursts in holding a massive amount of bread. So much bread... Of course from here there is mischief.
Emily is showing It's a bread baby...Oh... After a span of time playing with the bread, Julie decided to deliver bread to their unsuspecting neighbors.

And then a random guy on the street...

On Saturday night G and I made tiny red sweaters for Red I designed a claw cable sweater and G did a lace pattern. They are so cute, I have decided to make tiny sweaters for all my family members for xmas, hand designed and knitted by me. Each design says something about the receiver. I'm excited... I knitted a whole bunch more of my nemesis sleeve, but still not enough. It is midterm week so things are a little slow. It rained all day so I sayed inside and dyed wool for the cardi that i have been preparing for for six months. I bought the wool at a sheep shearing at Rising Meadow Farm in March. I have washed all 3.5 pounds and have stared the dyeing process. The wool will be a mix of bright green, mummy brown, mulberry, and a yellow. After all that i have to spin it and then knit it. This project is like buying a dog... Anyway i used Cushing's acid dye, which i just love.

Safety Buddha wants a tiny red sweater of his own...

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