Friday, October 07, 2005

All the cool birds are doing it...

I have started the sleeve to my nemesis sweater. I am very excited as you can tell. Why you ask? Because I don't follow directions and I am knitting them in the round. That's right folks, no seam. I still can not understand why people still knit them flat. Different strokes for different folks. Anyway I am plowing along with my circular needle that is too long... Not to big of a hurdle.

Yesterday I got my first photography assignment back for this year. I am a photo minor and am
taking my last photo class. I got an A-, rock on!!Sleeves in the round are better!! Also our assignment for the class right now is to prepare for an art show in Durham that is being juryed by Judy Chicago. I have made my decision to enter instead of just get ready for it. I bought my frames for $4 for the set. That is freaking cheap.

Also yesterday I saw this huge mushroom living at least 15 feet up in a tree. I walk past this tree everyday and I never took the time to look up and notice it. I wish I had a ladder...
Huge tree mushroom

Today I was in A.C. Moore, for unyarn related purposes, and when I left all these tiny birds were hanging out where they stash the carts. I pulled up next to them and told them hello. They flew away in fear. I expected that. I work tomorrow so I'm sure I will have some great yarn stories. Enjoy your Friday night...!!!!!
Too cool for trees!!!

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