Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yarn sale day = stash blowout

Yesterday at my local yarn haunt they had a yard sale type yarn sale. People brought their yarn that they could part with and marked it with prices they would sell it for. They Tina opened the flood gates and let the yarn crazed masses in. Anything you sold of your yarn stash was then given back to you in a gift certificate to the store. What a a genius idea. I unfortunately had to work my other job yesterday, but I did get first crack at all the lovely discount yarns. I have been working slowly over the past year to trim the fat from my yarn stash. I have donated and chosen projects based on what I have on hand. Yes I am am still tempted by yarns here and there and a few of them had filled the spaces I created. All of this aside, it only took $13.75 to reinflate my stash once again to an almost disgraceful level. At least some of it is business yarn. Still no comments on my raccoon problem. I need solutions people, please help.

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