Saturday, January 29, 2011

A sort of pinkish colored life explosion

I have had my thumb in many a pie these past few days. I have posted two new rovings to my Etsy site this week. The first is a very springy colorway that has been on the blog before. I call it Spring Awakening - Easter Flags. If your looking for a brightly colored easter gift for your favorite crafter, here it is.

The other roving I have put together is my Secret Valentine - Heart's Content Roving. This was created using a technique called Snow Dying used by quilters to dye pieces of fabric. You put your dyeable medium in a container, pack a ton of snow on top and then you pour dye over the snow. I dyed this merino while the little snow we accumulated remained on our trampoline. I poured Red Hot, Super dark Pumpkin Orange, Maroon, and Or-ange (a bright orange) all over the snow, then stuck the whole pot in the oven on the warm setting for about two hours. This turned out very different than I thought it would. So now I have this pink monster on Etsy waiting to go to the person you love.

While working at Gate City Yarns this week I was given the privilege of decorating the windows for Valentines Day. In the process I broke the stores stapler, shouted at a friend on the street who didn't look in the window, attracted the attention of some strange men, and sort of threw up a little in my mouth from the amount of pink I was exposed to. All in all I think the windows are pretty, and I am proud of them. You should stop by and see them if your in the area. That would be nice of you.

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