Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The begining of the begining

Brenda Dayne stated in her podcast "Cast On" Episode 59, "Start as you mean to go on". This has been repeating in my head for a couple of days now as I have been thinking about the new year and what I want to do with it. Therefore I am trying to harness the full potential and appeal of this blog and by the powers that be I am going to give it a fighting chance. I mean to start as I mean to go on. Really. Really really.

Recently I have been working on a few small projects for Christmas gifts and for fun. One of those projects was a square from the Great American Aran Afghan, and it is a gift for the mother of my girl. I choose the beach scene since it seems appropriate to be the one from me, being that I grew up near the ocean and still have deep feelings for it. Really I wanted to knit that one because of that connection, but now as I'm writing this it makes sense that I would pick that one simply because of its applique. Plus it has a crab on it. Who could say no? I chose a dusty sanguine tweedy color for the square, which is constructed of a garter edging with one half of the block in seed stitch to look like sand, and the other side a wavy back and forth cable to look like waves. Then some fish with tiny cable tails and a crab with cable claws are knit and sewn to the prospective habitats on the block. My girl has chosen a palate of dusty neutrals for the afghan and plans on knitting a few blocks a year until completion. I mean its only 25 blocks in all, how long could it take.
I recently was listening to NPR and some advisers on something were talking about Jon Stewart and the rallies that he has been involved with recently. Suddenly I had a huge realization and I am mentioning it now so that later, if it does happen I can rub it in. Jon Stewart is going to run for president. I'm not saying its going to be this up and coming race, but I'm saying I feel it coming. It makes sense right?

The next blog is going to have some sneak peaks on what I have been doing for my etsy store. I am branching out my stock in new directions and I want to include you in the process.

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