Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sometimes not following the directions can work out alright too.

Here is a monster print box bag that I just finished sewing up for B. It is a soft fleece printed with monsters eating cars. This hilarious fabric was a birthday gift from my fantastic friend Kate, and I have been waiting for the perfect project for it. I even have some left so that I can make one for myself too.

I used a bright orange zipper and an inner fabric that is variegated shades of purple with glitter and black stars.

It is a good sized project bag, with lots of room inside for yarn or notions.

To make this bag I first used the tutorial on Make It Modern, and created this...

Ok, I know it's not a box. I cut the corners the wrong way, because I didn't follow the directions. There was another one that I made, but I messed it up and it was an undesirable shape. So while I was making the aforementioned box, I wanted to change the construction a bit. The tutorial has the selvage (the folded over bits that make the seam) exposed inside the bag. So with some experimentation and the help of some other tutorials, I figured out how to make the inside flawless too. New ones to be posted later, I have been busy.

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