Thursday, December 01, 2005

Self Portrait Thursday???

I feel no explanation is needed...
The results are in...

What should i do? Should i follow the directions...??

Get drunk-66.7%

Get crazy and skip ahead to the ribbing-33.3%

Follow the directions, wait for the yarn and knit the sleeves-0%

Wait, don't you have school work to do??-0%
total votes: 3


cheeky northerner said...

Okay, so I have an ingenius plan for how to make all this work... whilst still honoring the opinions of your concerned voters. All three of us. Presenting...


Step 1: While you wait for the yarn to get some fucking work.
Step 2: This work should be interspersed with knitting breaks in which you will go crazy and skip ahead to the ribbing.
Step 3: Keep working. Chaucer owns you. Deal.
Step 4: When the yarn gets here, take another break and knit the sleeves.
Step 5: When the sleeves are done, celebrate by getting drunk.

There. Take THAT time management. :P

Good luck. Nice molars. You're charming.

Scoutj said...

Whoo hoo! I won!